We all want a life which is: safe, secure, and strong.


Strong families want GREAT JOBSaffordable housing, good medical care for a fair price, living wages and readily available services. Under my leadership, your state government will work to ensure all families have the opportunity to live, worship, and work in a great environment, free from crime, By tackling the opiate crisis in creative ways, our communities stand to win when it comes to shutting down the decay which drugs bring to quality of life. Desperate people do desperate things. This crisis does not play favorites. Ohio families, including all who live in District 32, deserve the opportunity to thrive, grow, and do the best through their God-given talents and ​abilities. As your Representative, I will work to draft legislation for proven strategies to help the drug and alcohol addicted residents learn the tools and strategies needed to move forward with more productive lives. 

Health Insurance reform is essential for our residents, with new ideas for providing truly top shelf care with affordable prices.  BLOCKING EFFORTS of forced compliance, saying NO to new taxes, and YES to self determination is the proven way to build good lives. Citizens should not be forced to pay for programs which have proven ineffective, failing, or against beliefs. Our families are under assault.  I believe in the goodness and worth of every person, and will remain steadfast to the dignity each life deserves.

 The time to act is now.

The Challenge of the Opoiate Epidemic is Critical


Strong communities offer residents career opportunities close to home. in settings which are diverse, thriving and free from crime. Small business owners, large business owners, manufacturing companies, construction companies and other building trades, all have chosen our communities in the past, and will reinvest in our communities once more, creating new jobs; better jobs, within tax friendly environments. People who are making more money can invest in home ownership, make improvements on existing homes and improve market values in neighborhoods within the communities we love. Strengthening our law enforcement entities, establishing affordable treatment options for substance and alcohol abuse, and breaking the stigma of treating mental illnesses helps keep communities strong, vibrant and successful. Strong leadership in the Ohio legislature is needed, and I will work to bring strong solutions to our homes and community environments.  


Strong​ Infrastructures are essential for this 21st Century world we all live in, here in District 32. Decent roads; sturdy, strong bridges, clean, cheap energy sources and delivery systems, fiber optic communication and WiFi connectivity systems; mass transportation systems that are up-to-date, efficient, and operational year round; and safe, clean quality water distribution and sewer systems, which are built to work during the worst of times, are all necessary for residents and businesses. State of the art systems draw state of art entrepreneurs. We need to continue to improve our road systems, bridging systems, busing and rail systems, to meet the needs of all community members. As your House Representative from District 32, I will work everyday, on time, and prepared, to create a 21st Century Ohio.

If YOU live in Mt. Healthy, North College Hill, East White Oak, College Hill, Mt. Airy, Monfort Heights, North Side, Fairmont, North Fairmont, South Fairmont, Millvale, Camp Washington, LaFeuille Terrace, parts of Price Hill, Cumminsville, South Cumminsville,  West Price HIll, Lower Price Hill, East Westwood, Westwood, West End, OTR, Central Business District, Pendleton, south east Mount Auburn, and south Mount Adams, including Riverside Drive, YOU are part of the State House Representative area of District 32!

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I want to share what we hold in common, will always listen with an open heart and mind, and promise to be available to you with true, full communication as YOUR Representative to the State House in Columbus. 

Marilyn Tunnat on Infrastructure

Marilyn Tunnat discusses the great need for infrastructure improvement in District 32 and the requirement of leadereship and partnership between state, county, city and private partnerships


Strong Schools are the bedrock of every great community. Teachers choose their profession because of their love of learning, love for children, and dedication to guiding young lives to make good choices. Strong Schools which embrace local control, guided by a robust and locally appropriate curriculum to meet the needs of ALL learners, no matter their abilities, is essential. Families of students should be allowed to make informed choices regarding their exit strategies from the school system; work ready with usable math, reading, history and ethical thinking systems in place; specialty/vocational school-ready to pursue building trades, specialty programs, or other vocational careers which may include additional certification; ready for a variety of degree pursuits in collegiate settings; and the ability to choose the system which best suits their student's needs. The answer does not lie with the uneven distribution system in place. Just as throwing more money at children does not replace good parenting, neither does throwing more money at systems which have poor results from inappropriate curriculum design and testing methods net good returns.

 Research based methodology and Strong Goals towards Excellent Outcomes is the answer to better learning environments. We OVER TEST our students and have created a system which is tracking and categorizing our kids in inappropriate ways.  Our system of money distribution has been broken and ILLEGAL for decades.

  Tick-tock: time is long up! Alarm bells are ringing all over the state. School reform is essential in Ohio, right now. My background in education at the elementary and collegiate level allows me to REPRESENT you in committee and bring the changes necessary to reform a broken, out-of-control system:  cute feel-good "schemes", to make more cash for districts, is not the answer. As your Representative in the Ohio House, I will work with other leaders to create a pathway for actual school reform: not illogical administrative changes, which only create more headaches and paperwork, or the blind adaptation of a "common core" which does not work well for our children. Our children are not "common". Our children are EXCEPTIONAL!

 I WILL make a difference and QUICKLY.

Education is EVERYTHING

Schools in District 32 are in great need of improving curriculum to help ALL children learn to the best of their natural abilities.  State standards, which drive curriculum need to be adjusted, as does the overtesting of our youngest learners.  Marilyn brings the leadership and knowledge base to take on this task.  Funding needs to be adjusted so districts are funded in a fair and  equitable manner.

I will STAND for YOU and a STRONG OHIO

​Marilyn Tunnat

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