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Let's Care About Life!

 Marilyn Tunnat for Ohio House of Representatives

*For Immediate Release*

Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio endorses Marilyn Tunnat

Strong pro-life voice should be voters' choice in 32nd House District

The Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio, Inc. (RTLACO) announced today their selection of Marilyn Tunnat for endorsement in the 32nd Ohio House District Republican primary. The statewide organization selected Tunnat because of her pro-life and pro-family stance on policy issues, consistent responses to survey questions, and ability to be successful in her efforts.

Marilyn Tunnat definitely meets RTLACO’s demanding criteria of candidates, and is a consistent conservative” commented Ed Sitter, President of the organization. “We were pleased with Marilyn’s pro-life background and responses on our key issues, and anticipate a strong stance for life from her in the future in the Ohio House.”

Marilyn is running against an incumbent who has accepted money from Planned Parenthood and has not demonstrated any interest in furthering the causes of protecting life for the unborn or born. In addition, the incumbent has co-authored a bill which removes a parent’s right to refuse vaccinations for children based on religious, medical or philosophical reasons and which also limits a person’s rights to informed consent on medical conditions and treatment options.

“We are confident that pro-life voters in the 32nd House District can rest assured that Marilyn Tunnat will work diligently to advance the right to life for all Ohioans, both born and unborn” stated Jeff Barefoot, chairman of RTLACO’s Election Education Committee. Other endorsement by the organization can be found at www.rtlaohio.org.

The Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio, Inc., exists to provide representation, leadership and support to the pro-life movement in Ohio and to public officials and candidates who courageously work for the protection of innocent human life in the public arena. It supports and advances those institutions that intrinsically foster pro-life principles within society, essentially authentic marriage and the family.


I am Officially Verified

What an honor to become a Verified Candidate for Ohio AMF.  Rest assured I will always work to defend your rights for medical freedom. No family should be denied the right to INFORMED CONSENT and THE RIGHT TO EXCLUDE as allowed under Ohio law.  We need more research, less government, and parental control.

Marilyn Tunnat ENDORSED by

 Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati!

"Friends of Marilyn Tunnat" is proud to announce the endorsement of:

Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati

Marilyn will always champion the rights of the innocent, "protecting life at every age and every stage".  Thank you for the confidence of your support! Together we can protect the lives of all innocent family members:  born and unborn.

Together we can find solutions for 


Sheriff Richard Jones ENDORSES 

Marilyn Tunnat

for Ohio House of Representatives!

Sheriff Richard Jones is known for his no-nonsense opinions and his passion about upholding and enforcing the laws of Ohio.  Sheriff Jones agrees with Marilyn Tunnat: our citizens are under assault from criminal elements inside AND outside of this nation.  Sheriff Jones of Butler County works hard every day with Law Enforcement Agencies in Hamilton County, Joint Drug Task Force Agencies and Federal Agencies to stop the flow of drugs, combat criminal elements, and keep the citizens of our great state safe. 

As your Representative to the Ohio House, Marilyn will partner with colleagues such as Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil and Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones to make sure our state laws are fairly written, enacted and upheld.  In a recent conversation, Sheriff Neil also shared his desire to keep our county, towns, and townships free from crime and drugs.

  We can do this TOGETHER!

Strong Family Values with a Love for Learning, Leading, and Listening

I live in North College Hill with my husband of almost 4 years, Pete. We enjoy our combined family of four children, all grown and two grandchildren.  My parents live in the home we moved to when I was 9, in Butler County.  My Grandmother and Mother both graduated from The Bethesda School of Nursing, when it was located on Oak Street. (My Grandmother in 1916, as part of the 1st class to become a Registered Nurse).  Both of my children, Alex and Carly, were born there.

 My father helps my brother Bob, run a family business in Hamilton, Ohio. When I attended Junior High, I was greatly influenced by my Ohio History teacher, Mr. Walter Powell.  He took us on our 1st trip to the State House in Columbus, and also served as our State Representative.  He later went on to become our US Congressman in Washington DC.  I would say my love for all things politics and a strong conservative belief began spouting at that time. I graduated from Fairfield High School, enjoying my time with many friends, playing flute and piccolo in the Band, Marching Band, Orchestra and Pep Band.b The arts played a very important part in my school life, much as sports keep other students engaged with learning.

 I went on to graduate from Miami University with a BS in Education, followed by a Master of Education, in Emergent Literacy. I became involved in Butler County Young Republicans and helped in a number of local campaigns. I taught Kindergarten and 1st grade for over 30 years in the Fairfield City School District, Mason City School District, and Lakota Local School District, from where I retired 5 years ago.  I also served as an Adjunct Professor for 15 years, teaching one class a week for pre-service and in-service teachers, working on state licensure and certification, at Miami University. I worked with the Miami University regency council to develop a realignment of course work, as the state made changes to the standards required and levels of licensure. I have hosted 10 Student Teachers from the University of Cincinnati, the University of Dayton and Miami University.  

 During my time as a classroom teacher, I served as the district building membership chairman for Mason Schools, as well as building representative for MEA, and LEA.  I served on many Curriculum Committees, and conducted research for my Master's Thesis within the constructs of my Kindergarten classroom.  I was a state board member for a professional teacher's organization, EKNE, bringing children's book authors and educational researchers for annual presentations to our membership, while belonging to many professional organizations including NCTM, IRA, and ASCD. I also served on the Lakota Professional Development Committee for over a decade, bringing in staff developers and professional presentations for staff development. Working with young children was a passion during my career, helping our youngest learners develop a love and joyful attitude towards learning, in addition to launching new teachers into fulfilling careers. I believe ALL children can learn when provided with an appropriate curriculum, dedicated staff and engaged family unit.  I maintain relationships with many of my now grown students today! 

I am a Life Member of the National Wild Turkey Federation, through the Women in the Outdoors Program.  I helped establish and run JAKES Day activities for our local chapter, allowing families to spend a free, fun,day exploring a variety of outdoor activities in a structured, safe, instructional capacity.  Experts in their fields donated their time and talents to this project, businesses donated materials and goods and volunteers prepared food,  and guided families to facilities which supported these activities throughout the year, including fishing, bow and arrow target fun, leaf and animal species identification, and presentations from RAPTOR, local Fire Fighters, and Law Enforcement officials.   My father was a Special Deputy in Indiana when I was growing up, and was a Veteran of the Korean Conflict, and a former Commander of our local American Legion.  I learned early on to respect firearms, learning to not touch at an early age.  I later learned to handle any firearm in our house with respect, and enjoyed many years of a variety of shooting sports, including Sporting Clays and Range shooting with handguns.  i passed my first Conceal Carry Class over a decade ago, and am a member in good standing with the NRA, having had past memberships at Middletown Sportsman Club and Fairfield Sportsman Club. 


After my retirement from the classroom, I began taking Guest Teacher assignments in the Lakota and Wyoming School Systems, teaching Kindergarten through 4th Grade.  I worked, as well, for the Ohio GOP as a District 7 Field Organizer during the 2016 Presidential and Down Ballot Campaigns.  I currently still take Guest Teaching assignments and work as an Educational Consultant with local school districts through improving curriculum implementation through coaching and instruction in methodology.

 The opportunity to serve as your State Representative came as a surprise to me, but I have learned that things do not just appear without good reason.  When presented the challenge of this historically rich and diverse district, I realized it to be an opportunity to give a voice to residents, who are being under-served and under-represented.  As your representative, I will give you the voice you want heard in Columbus.  I will not shy away from issues YOU care about and want to see put into action, (or deactivated).

You can be certain, as your State Representative for District 32, I will work hard every day to keep you informed, engaged and knowledgeable about what happens in our state government. I will represent you and the things you find important, and often under assault, in our state house legislature.  I will LISTEN to your desires, questions and concerns and will communicate with you through social media, email and newsletters.

  I don't pretend to know all the answers.  BUT, what I CAN promise you is I will work DILIGENTLY to find the answer!  Please JOIN ME in making Ohio the STRONG STATE we need for ALL of us.

Together, we CAN.  Together, we WILL.


Email me for more information:

[email protected]

I love this state.  Although I was born in Indiana, and lived there until I was almost 10, I came to love the diverse and beautiful areas of Ohio.  From the gorgeous lake areas of the Northwest and Northeast, the Appalachian Foothills in the Southeast, the vast farming areas through the center and the hilly river areas of the Southwest, Ohioans share a love of faith, family, and community.  So, here I offer you, with full transparency, my position on Gun Rights in Ohio. As a Constitutional Conservative, I don't think you will be surprised

Position Statement of Gun Rights 

The Constitution of the United States of America is an amazing and beautiful document, created at a time in history when governments controlled many aspects of peoples’ lives. The forming of our nation relieved citizens of these oppressive burdens, allowing all people to live freely. 

The Bill of Rights clarified to all citizens of this nation’s states, the greater constitutional protections each individual is afforded as a citizen of our great nation.

The Amendments are clear, and have been added to, as necessary, to provide more rights, not less. It was, and remains today, a precise and declarative document, which enumerates each right, so there is no doubt the ways in which people may live freely.

The Second Amendment affords all law abiding citizens of adult age, the right to keep and use arms. This freedom must remain, if we are to maintain confidence as individuals to protect life, family and home from any enemy. While it is necessary to have protections in place, it is not the governments place to restrict or ban the use of guns from free and law abiding individuals.

Growing Up

Growing up in a small town in Indiana, hunting was a common and sometimes necessary activity. My father was a veteran of the Korean Conflict who enjoyed hunting while growing up as well. He became a Deputy Sheriff in our small town, and started teaching my brother and me, from a very early age, about gun safety: rule number one was to never touch. We learned about the power and precision of guns through our family BB gun activities, involving supervised target practice. While my father gave up hunting, he enjoyed target shooting, and later passed this love on to both of us through  sporting clay competitions with shot guns. When he knew I was home alone as an adult, he taught me how to use a handgun, with accuracy, at the range. I later went on to take the training for concealed carry when it was first offered in the state of Ohio.

Raising Children Today

 My children grew up the same way. Although we first lived in a neighborhood and later moved to a home in the country, we  became involved with the conservation and hunting education group NWTF. I became a lifetime member through the Women in the Outdoors program. We established annual JAKES Day programs for area youth, and I regularly used JAKEs materials to teach about wild turkeys, and the hunting of other animals in our nation’s history, and in present day activities. I championed the inclusion of educational materials from the Ohio DNR, and worked with our schools to bring in DNR agents to discuss wild life in Ohio, establish Wild Classrooms, and provided Ohio DNR publications regarding the respect and protection of wildlife. Inviting police officers from the community was something we always initiated with our local police staff, in addition to their well run outreach programs which they brought to us. Establishing the friendly, helpful nature of our law enforcement officials should be incorporated as necessary civics in every classroom,  and part of a healthy, local curriculum inititative. I have belonged to both the Fairfield Sportsmans' Club and the Middletown Sportsmans' Club as a spouse. My husband and I both enjoy shooting at the range in town, and on family property today.  Children who are raised to understand and respect firearms, have positive role models regarding the proper use and safety of firearms, and are trained from an early age to never touch a firearm, will not hold unfounded fear. 

Learn about what you fear, so you do not fall into becoming a victim of ignorance. Schools will NEVER replace parental guidance. They can only enhance the efforts made by families. Parents OWE their children time, attention and resources.  Children DESERVE the best we can give.

Concealed and Open Carry Rights

My father, brother and other family members, still rely on the right to both open carry, and conceal carry, in their family businesses and properties. I also stand with my former local Butler County sheriff, Richard Jones, (who has endorsed my candidacy), in supporting the ability for classroom teachers to conceal carry,  if properly trained and wish to do so. The state of Ohio already allows for this, and it is imperative  local school boards allow armed resource officers, retired deputies, police officers, and veterans to assist in keeping our children from being soft targets. As a retired teacher of over thirty years, I understand the vulnerability teachers face daily in our large school buildings. Having worked in a large school district, which supports the use of resource officers, I can affirm the sense of security it affords teachers.  Calling for help, while an event is in progress,

 is too late. 

 I support the educational initiatives of the NRA, and specifically the Eddie Eagle program, in their ongoing efforts to help citizens learn about the safe, responsible, and respectful ways of using firearms. We must learn from history, and never forget, it is our duty to protect our children and loved ones at all costs. Keeping our nation free means to remain vigilant, and not let our God given rights ever be eroded. 

We must stand strong, become better educated, remain alert, and be ever aware. We have much to lose if we do not embrace these principles.

"Whatever you are, be a good one."

Abraham Lincoln

There are so many stories to tell, from so many different parts of life. Some are joyful, some are tragic, some are heart warming , All are inspirational and life changing. 

What are YOUR stories?   What are the moments that have defined your life?  These are only a few of mine. I will add stories as time moves forward. I also want to know more about YOU. Email your stories to me at [email protected]

 and, if you wish, perhaps share it on my Facebook page.  

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